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I was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up doing just about everything under the sun with my parents and my friends. They didn't hold me back from anything... I was riding my own motorcycle at four years old... surfing at ten... had my first car at fifteen. My mom bought this set of cubes that were electronic components that you could arrange into devices like flash lights and radios. A couple months later I blew up the local phone company switch box when I wired my phone to my TV so I could have a speaker phone. I'm pretty sure this is where it all started for me... computers I mean.

I picked up on computers as a serious hobby while doing trouble shootings for heating and air-conditioning systems in the San Fernando Valley. I later took a job in San Diego as a software tester which lead to my learning some programming languages and studying application design. After a few developer jobs in San Diego I followed work to the Central Coast of California in the mid-nineties and have been here ever since. I spent eight years at Arcada/Seagate/Veritas (mergers) and then went into consulting. I started PlanetHarrington to promote my consulting business and continue this effort even today.

I met my wife, Michele, while working at Stac Electronics in San Diego. We moved to Pismo Beach after about a year of dating and we got married about a year and a half after that. The ceremony was under a canopy of oaks on a bright an warm day at Hunter Small's house in Sea Canyon.

I have an army of dogs at all times. Labradors and Dachshunds are my favorites. My wife and I participate in as many dog activites as we can, but mostly we just walk on the beach. We bred Labradors for a short stint and still have one of our stud's offspring... her name is Koa. More recenlty we have been taking Puako (our red Dachshund) to the wiener races... he is still trying to figure it all out but the treats are good and he has potential.

I also love gardening. No particular specialties, just love to get outside and do something physical after being holed up in my office all day. I guess I spend most of the time mowing the lawns and trimming srubs really. Can you picture me in a sun hat planting flowers? Neither can I.

This rest of this page is maybe interesting to friends and family members. There is a bulletin board that I post stuff that family member's might find interesting. There are links to everything from family photo albums to memorial/dedication pages. I also add random family oriented stuff as I come across it.

Shaun Harrington Shaun Harrington Shaun Harrington Shaun Harrington

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This section is where family members can leave and check for messages that they think other family members will find useful. If you want to add a message just send me an email with the details and I will post it for you.

  • (09/19/12) Is my Mom's birthday... happy birthday Mom!
  • (09/13/12) Is my wedding anniversary... happy anniversary Michele!
  • (06/03/12) Is my Uncle Bob's birthday... happy birthday Uncle Bob!
  • (06/01/12) Is my Dad's birthday ... happy birthday Dad!
  • (04/01/12) We've moved! 592 Seabright Ave., Grover Beach, CA 93433... (805) 489-4379

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